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Elena Jane 'Ellie' Goulding was born to Tracy Clark and Arthur Goulding on December 30th in Hereford. She became only the second artist to be named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of the year in the BBC's annual poll of Critics, Sound of 2010. She also won the Critic's Choice Award at the BRIT Awards in the same year. She signed to Polydor Records in Setptember of 2009, she then soon released 'An Introduction to Ellie Goulding' EP on December 20th 2009. Ellie released her first single 'Under The Sheets' which was released in the UK on November 19th 2009. Lights, her debut album was released on March 1st 2010, which became #1 on the UK Albums Chart and sold there over 380,000 copies by the end of 2010 and over 62,000 copies in total.&nbsp


Ellie was born and raised in Hereford the second of four children, when she was at the young age of 5 her father left the familly, her mother soon married another man, who Ellie didn't like at all. She described him as 'unintelligent.' When she was 9 she began learning the clarinet, and writing songs. At 14 she began learning the guitar and at 15 she started songwriting, and was introduced to Folk music. While she was in college she also won a singing compettition.

After doing a drama course at the University of Kent, Ellie was eposed to a lot of Electro music. Franmusik helped her to develop her sound on the first song she wrote 'Wish I Stayed'. Starsmith became her chief collaborator and primary producer of 'Lights'. After 2 years of being at the University of Kent she was told she should take a gap year to pursue singing. After that, she moved to West London.

Personal LifeEdit

Ellie runs 6 miles every day, and in 2010 she said she'd like to run a marathon. For her second EP 'Run Into the Light' she invited a small group of fans from her Facebook page to run with her in 7 different cities on her UK tour the cities were London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle and some more of London. She has also said she'll be doing the same across Europe and the Untited States. was launched in support.

Ellie's passion for excersice has given her a very impressive athletic figure. At the moment, she is dating Greg James a Radio 1 DJ.

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